Cableways : safe, environmentally friendly, with success in the future.

October, 2011, 24 – 27


1st working session


The podium with the moderator Josef Nejez (on the right)

"Future prospects of rope driven urban transportation"
Michael Potier – chargé d'études aménagement transport – Centre d'Etudes Techniques de l'Equipement de Lyon – Lyon – France
Daniel Pfeiffer - Directeur du
Service Technique des Remontées Mécaniques et des Transports Guidés - Grenoble - Francia


"New concepts of urban transportation, as shown by the example of the 8-MGD San Agustín in Caracas, Venezuela"
Co. Doppelmayr / Garaventa – Rudolph Andreas and Operator


"Mini Metro, Perugia, Italy - Increasing acceptance of the cableway installations for urban transport"
Co. Leitner / Poma – Ermenegildo Zordan and Leonardo Naldini of the municipality and operator of the cableway installation



"2 million passengers in 6 months: The 3S BUGA ropeway in Koblenz - A story of success"
Co. Doppelmayr / Garaventa – Reinhard Fritz


"Medellin, Colombia - Report about the social effects of cableway installations for urban transport"
Metro de Medellin LTDA: Ricardo Alberto Serna Gallego, Comercial and social Manager


"Cable Liner Shuttle: The intelligent solution for urban traffic as shown by using the example of the People Mover in Venice and other successful projects"
Co. Doppelmayr / Garaventa – Thomas Pichler


"3S Renon, Bolzano, Italy – A success story" part 1
"3S Renon, Bolzano, Italy – A success story" part 2

Co. Leitner / Poma – Giorgio Piloti


"Algeria: Four ropeways, are already in service in urban areas"
Co. Doppelmayr / Garaventa – Peter Baumann and Operator


2nd working session


The podium with the moderator Jörg Schröttner (on the right)

„The significant support given by ropeways to secure a positive and lasting regional development of mountainous regions."
Christian Bumann, Raphael Schönbächler – Association public traffic – Swiss ropeway – Bern – Switzerland


"World overview of ski resorts"
Laurent Vanat – Laurent Vanat Consulting SARL – Geneva – Switzerland


„Multifunctionality and potential for Cable Transport in South America"
Francisco Sotomayor – Pro Andes Institute – Santiago – Chile


"The present situation of ropeway construction and key assessment indicators in China"
Zhang Qiang – Executive Vice director, National Centre of Passenger Aerial Ropeway Safety Supervision and Inspection – Peking – China


"Ropeways in North America – Impacts, Benefits and Outlook"
Jim Fletcher, P.E. – Engineering Specialties Group – Boulder CO – USA


„The European ski resorts: the challenge of the future"
Laurent Reynaud – Domaines skiables de France – Francin – France


Technical visit of ropeway “PÃo DE AÇÙCAR“

The podium with the moderator Madame Ercilia Leite de Castro (on the right)

"The Sugar Loaf panoramic cable cars"
Achille Bonini – ropeways consulting engineer – Roma – Italy


"Aerial transportation system for water conduits and sewage drains"
Diego Scofano / Giuseppe Pellegrini – Cia. Caminho Aéro Pão de Açúcar – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil



3rd working session

"Sustainability of transportation by rope, environmental and social aspects, economic efficiency"

The podium with the moderator Julien Noël (on the right)

"Sustainability of ropeway engineering"
Andreas Brandner – Chartered Consulting Engineer – Innsbruck – Austria


„Sustainability of ski resorts"
Kurt Ramskogler – Co. Lieco – Kalwang – Austria


„Energy Management"
Erich Megert – SISAG – Altdorf – Switzerland


"Integration of a ropeway in a Town"
Denis Creissels – Creissels Technologies – Meylan – France


"Urban Gondolas, Aerial Ropeways and Public Transportation: Past Mistakes & Future Strategies"
Ryan O’Connor & Steven Dale - Planning consultants – Wellington - New Zealand


„Aerial tramway : architecture on design and sustainability"
Laura Kienbaum – Leibniz Universität Hannover – Hannover – Germany



4th working session

"Technology and safety"

The podium with the moderator Peter Sedivy (on the right)

„Human Error: The cause of incidents"
Gàbor Oplatka – Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. ETH – Zürich – Switzerland


"Analysis of the live of track ropes life of a bicable continuous material handling ropeway"
Giorgio Graziano – ropeways consulting engineer – Torino – Italy


"New calculation methods for rope lines"
David Pataraia – Professor of Georgian Technical University – Tblissi – Georgia


"Taking advantage of possibilities offered by Excel to assess rescue plans for the recovery of ropeway passengers"
Philippe Balzer – ingénieur Conseil en risk-management – Toulouse – France


Other papers which have been submitted to the international congress, but will not be presented verbally by their author

"Alternative transportation systems having the purpose to improve the mobility in big cities and in particular in Rome and its province"
Achille Bonini e Alessandro D’Armini - ropeways consulting engineers – Roma – Italy

"Curvo ropeway for urban communication"
Shekar Chakravarty – India

"Sustainable development of ropeway installations – Project of a new layout of ski resorts which is being thought of as an alternative to the big interconnected ski run carousels"
dott. Alessandro Conci – Provincia autonoma di Trento (Italia)

"Transportation by rope in touristy areas of Argentina"
Luisa Bermudez e Jorge Lopez-Digon - Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo en Mecánica Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial - San Martín Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Structural behaviour of steel ropes subjected to heavy thermal transients simulating fire scenarios"
V.Fontanari, B.D. Monelli- DIMTI University of Trento, via Mesiano 77– 38121 Trento, F. Degasperi SIF-LaTIF, Via Provina 24 – 38040 Trento,Italy, A. Dallago, SIF-PAT, Via Brennero, 136 38100 Trento, Italy

"Cableways for urban transportation: History, state of the art and future developments"
dr. ing. Andrea Marocchi, Consultant Engineer, CEN Consultant for Cableways