Seminar Grenoble 2022

“Cableways - top level of safety”

PLACE: ALPEXPO in Grenoble (F), Ave. d’Innsbruck
DATE: April 27th , 2022 during the “Mountain Planet” Fair
ACCESS: free
SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION: in English, French, Italian and German
MODERATOR: Nicolas Perretta, Operator, Tech. Consultant


9:00 Opening: 

9:15 Introduction: Ropeways : from its origins to the present day


9:25 Technological evolution
9:55 Evolution of the normative framework

Operations: part 1

10:15 Training
10:35 Checks and maintenance
11:00 Coffee break

Operations: part 2

11:15 Security Management Systems (set up in France)

REX (Return of experience):

11:30 - Management of boarding on chairlifts
11:50 - Wind management
12:10 Rescue Organization
12:25 Statistics : Comparison with other transportation systems (marine, air, rail and road)
12:45 Q&A
13:00 Conclusion



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