The activity of OITAF takes place in the following fields:

  1. Management Committee and Executive Committee:
    Usually, each year two meetings of the Management Committee and one meeting of the executive committee take place. The main point of the executive committee's meeting is to prepare the items to be dealt in the meetings of the Management Committee.
    Main fields of activities of the Management Committee:
    • Organizing the international congresses for transportation by rope, which take place every 6 years;
    • Nomination of work committees for the elaboration of international recommendations regarding manufacturing and operating of ropeway systems, research and publication of studies concerning problems in systems of transportation by rope, ordered by the Management Committee;
    • Approval of international recommendations elaborated by the work committees;
    • Organizing the assembly (every 3 years)
    • Organizing annual seminars in close collaboration with the work committees, with the exception of the year in which the international congress takes place;
    • Execution of all institutional tasks in accordance with the statutes (Ratification of the balance sheet, the activity reports, the registration of new members into the OITAF, etc.)
  2. Work Committees:
    The main activity of OITAF is handled by the committees which meet regularly once or twice a year usually for two days meetings. Current technical, administrative, economical and legal items are dealt and international recommendations are elaborated for the fields in which no harmonized standards exist. Another important point of the committees is that specialists from various countries come together to discuss common problems whereby a mutual exchange of customary differences is granted.
  3. Secretary's Office:
    The secretary's office prepares meetings of the Management Committee, the executive committee and the assembly, writes the memorandums and the resolutions taken by the bodies of OITAF It coordinates the work committees, is in charge of the list of members, prepares the budget and balance sheet, does the bookkeeping of OITAF Further, writes and it is responsible for the publication of the "OITAF - News" and takes care of the correspondence. Besides, it provides the various translations.