Historical list of recommendations

This list contains all the recommendations withdrawn or replaced by the Management Committee, inter alia, at its meeting held on April 13, 2016. These recommendations contain, in particular, safety requirements for the construction and, in part, for the operation of ropeways. They were withdrawn since they are not in line with the state of the art in all fields anymore because of their age (the oldest ones were issued in 1965) and have become obsolete because of new insights in the field of safety engineering. In particular, they have become superfluous due to the European CEN standards and other recent national technical safety regulations.

In addition, the list also includes all the recommendations replaced by new recommendations prepared by the expert committees.

To ensure traceability and to document the past development of these recommendations and especially the parameters contained in them (many ropeway installations were built and have been operated using these recommendations all over the world) we continue to provide. access to these documents.

  • Book No. 14

    International recommendations for the construction and operation of passenger ropeways. Part 8: Operation (edition 1966) available in French and Italian.

  • Book No. 15

    Uphill conveyance systems for winter sports (Edition 2000) Withdrawn by the Management Committee at the meeting on 02.10.2003

  • Book No. 21

    Guide to re-lubrication of ropes for ropeway (Edition 2007) Is replaced by Book 28