Statutory Matters


The membership is for public authorities, associations, institutions, enterprises and individual persons who deal with technical, legal, administrative or economical questions of the ropeway and skilift business. The members are organized in collective and individual membership.

Collective membership:

Category A:
Public administrative bodies responsible for granting authorization for the construction of ropeways or responsible for the supervision of ropeway installations
Category B:
IInternational and national associations of ropeway operators.
Category C:
International and national associations of ropeway manufacturers.
Category D:
Supervisory bodies authorized by the public authorities, universities and public institutions who do research and experimental work in the field of rope transportation.

Individual membership:

Category E:
Companies involved in the ropeway business
Category F:
Individuals involved in the ropeway business

Bodies of OITAF

The organization has four bodies:

  1. The Assembly (Totality of member votes).
  2. The Management Committee (18 members are elected by the Assembly).
    The following members belong to the Management Committee:
    6 Representatives of category A:
    at the time the following countries are represented:
    Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.
    5 Representatives of category B:
    at the time the national associations of the following countries are represented: Germany (VDS), France (DSF), Italy (ANEF), Austria (WKÖ Fachverband Seilbahnen) and Switzerland (SBS)
    2 Representatives of category C:
    at the time the following national and international associations of ropeway manufacturers are represented: IARM (International Association of Ropeway Manufacturers) and SWISSMEM (the Swiss association of mechanical and electrical engineering industries )
    2 Representatives of category E:
    at the time the following companies are represented:
    Schmittenhöhebahn AG (A) and Compagnie des Alpes Ltd (F)

    2 Representatives of category D:at the time the following are represented:
    ROTEC - notified Body (D) and Italian national technical association of ropeway

    1 Representative of categorie F:
    Doug Clyde USA

    Moreover, five further members who have no right to vote can be admitted to the Management Committee.

  3. The Executive Committee:
    Presented by: 6 members of the Management Committee and the secretary general.
  4. The auditors:
    (5 members of which 2 are elected as supplementary auditors by the Assembly).